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Variable-frequency Drive
Active Front End (Active Front End-AFE) is a controlled rectifier, the system can achieve two-way exchange of energy transfer between DC and, through the power supply feedback function, conduct energy feedback, can save energy consumption, the inverter drive braking capacity the biggest play. By sine wave PWM control, resulting in a perfect sine wave current, greatly reducing the higher harmonics of the current waveform. Significantly reducing costs 1, therefore, the power cable, the power machine like the power supply: via power factor control (power phase voltage and supply current in phase control mode) and PWM control, load size and power capacity can be 1 1 , also can eliminate harmonics, harmonic requirements applicable in the case of extremely low (THD current <5%), improve power factor, is not affected by power fluctuations can be in the system in parallel with excellent dynamic characteristics.

DEI use for many years to develop AC motor drive core expertise, pioneered the Active Front End -AFE2000 series. In the application of industrial automation products, the load regenerative energy converted to heat energy dissipated without opposing regenerative energy back into the grid can be, in addition to increase the number of industrial automation and process efficiency, and in the process of manufacturing in, to save energy, but also in line with Delta Electronics environmental protection, energy, love the earth's business mission.
Onuki of the load: grit textile machines, horizontal spiral centrifuge, drilling machine tools
Four-quadrant load: Cranes and lifting crane, passenger and freight elevators, oil machine
Requiring rapid braking: machine tools, high-speed spindle, bag making machine
Time feedback energy: wind power systems, hydroelectric systems
Support DC parallel supply: logistics and warehousing systems, wind power systems, LED street light system
To provide a good quality of electricity transmission system of Great Power Line Communication Products
Bridge crane