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About Us

  Porcelain Automation Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983, the main business items inception of the whole plant, design, installation and photoelectric proximity of manufacturing. In line with the market and customer needs, the company in 1985 and gradually transition to a supply automation and control products based distributors. Currently we have distribution automation control equipment brands include: Shihlin, Mitsubishi, SUNX, Ming-wai, Delta, Sanken, Omron (Omron), Carlo, Hakko and so on.

Under the past 20 years of continuous business efforts, the company is currently in Taiwan, the number of customers reached a total of one thousand or more, and become one of the major automation suppliers in Taiwan. Sales we can provide not only products, but also includes our 20 years of experience accumulated heritage in automation and control.

In 2002, in order to serve the vast number of Taiwan businessmen, we set up the first branch in Dongguan, providing customers with the mainland delivery, technical support and product maintenance services. To help customers save time and cost, for customers to create maximum profit is our ultimate goal.


1983 - Automation Industry Co., Ltd. was founded Porcelain

1985 - signed with Shihlin Electric, started acting Shihlin PLC and SUNX photoelectric

1986 - started selling Mitsubishi PLC and Mitsubishi inverter

1987 - The insertion Sanken Inverter

1988 - The insertion Mitsubishi servo motor

1989 - Ming Wei Enterprise Co., Ltd. signed a contract to become Meanwell power supply of the dealers

1990 - added Delta full range of products

1991 - began agents Shihlin no fuse switch and solenoid switch

2002 - set up branch offices in Dongguan, China